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Bankruptcy adversary proceedings occur when there is a dispute within a bankruptcy case. A typical bankruptcy filing involves three parties: the debtor, the creditor or creditors, and the bankruptcy trustee. Sometimes these parties disagree as to how a bankruptcy case should be handled, such as which debts should be discharged and the extent to which a debtor is protected from creditor collection attempts. Anyone involved in a bankruptcy dispute should seek advice and assistance regarding adversary proceedings and dispute resolution.

Issues Involved in an Adversary Proceeding

A bankruptcy dispute may arise for many different reasons. In some cases, the debtor may file a complaint stating that a creditor violated the automatic stay terms of bankruptcy law, meaning that a creditor continued collection attempts after it was not legally permitted to do so. Alternatively, the creditor may initiate an adversary proceeding because the creditor does not believe that the filer’s debts should be discharged. Some adversary proceedings involve accusations of fraud or objections against proposed reorganization plans.

Defending Your Rights

Anyone involved in a bankruptcy adversary proceeding should seek experienced legal counsel to assist with the dispute. There may be thousands of dollars at risk in a bankruptcy dispute, so it is important to receive quality representation in your case to maximize the likelihood that the judge will issue a ruling in your favor. An attorney experienced in bankruptcy adversary proceedings can also work on your behalf to resolve the dispute outside of court so that all of the parties receive a mutually agreeable resolution.

For More Information

Anyone involved in a bankruptcy proceeding has the right to seek counsel for legal advice and assistance in a bankruptcy case. To learn more about your legal options, contact the bankruptcy adversary proceedings lawyers of the Burk Law Firm, P.C. today by calling 512-306-9828.

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