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When a contract between two parties is compromised by the actions of a third party, contract interference has occurred. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the agreement, a number of actions may be considered tortious interference.

Examples of Interference

Tortious interference can occur in a variety of ways. For example, when a defendant intentionally interferes with another party’s ability to fulfill the terms of their contract with the plaintiff, consequently preventing them from receiving goods or services owed to them, this is considered to be tortious interference. Another example involves a defendant who convinces a third party to break the terms of their contract with the plaintiff.

Interference may occur in regards to contract breaks, as well as business relationships. If a third party interferes with one company’s ability to conduct business with another company, in an arrangement that would have otherwise taken place, tortious interference may have occurred, and the third party may be held accountable.

Filing a Claim

When tortious interference occurs, the victimized party (or plaintiff) may file a claim against the interfering party (or defendant) and pursue compensation for losses. In order to receive the damages warranted, the plaintiff should hire an experienced business litigation attorney who is willing to fight to defend their rights and entitlements. A successful claim may result in monetary compensation for losses incurred due to sabotaged business relations or contract breaches.

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