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Partner disputes can negatively affect all aspects of a practice. Disagreements can be especially damaging for physician practices, because a lack of cohesion could harm the quality of patient care and lead to a loss of trust and damaged reputations. It is therefore important to quickly and effectively address any problems that arise within your practice before they become too invasive. Partner dispute resolution is one way to overcome business disagreements so that they do not negatively affect your physician practice.

Avoiding Disagreements

There are a few key ways that partners can minimize the chance of a disagreement later on. Partners should be transparent about their plans and concerns early on when the partnership is formed, and should fully discuss any changes made at a later date. Making one’s expectations of the practice and of fellow partners known is key to preventing disputes. Partners should also ensure that income and work time are distributed fairly so that some partners do not feel that they are being taken advantage of or under-appreciated.

Resolving Disputes

Sometimes however, disputes arise regardless of the precautions taken. Personality conflicts and differences in opinion on business practices can cause a division among partners. If your firm is suffering from partner disagreements, an Austin physician practice dispute attorney can help the partners in your firm get back on the same page. Dispute resolution lawyers are experienced in mediating conflicts between partners so that legal business problems can be resolved while upholding the best interests of the practice.

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No physician wants a business dispute to interfere with his or her work or the quality of patient care. To learn more about physician practice dispute resolution and how you can take steps to resolve persistent business issues, contact the physician practice dispute lawyers of the Burk Law Firm, P.C. today at 512-306-9828.

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