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Technology and biotechnology are constantly growing fields that provide a wealth of possibilities for scientists, inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Dedicated leaders involved in cutting-edge research are always developing new technology to address society’s problems and demands. Because these are such competitive and lucrative industries, disputes among new technology developers and companies often arise.

Types of Disputes

Businesses and research institutions regularly compete with one another to develop the next great innovation. Some of the common battles among parties in the technology and biotechnology industries involve patent rights, licensing disputes, and properly crediting individuals and companies for their developments. If a company or individual believes that he or she was wronged in a technology or biotechnology disagreement, the issue may result in a costly lawsuit.

Dispute Resolution

If not handled effectively outside of court, disagreements over technology and biotechnology patents and developments could easily lead to a lengthy trial. Before resorting to litigation, consider consulting with a technology dispute lawyer to assist you with your case. An experienced dispute resolution lawyer will work with you to bring your technology disagreement to an agreeable conclusion. Settling these problems outside of court will allow you to move on with your research or business and will minimize potential damage to your work or reputation.

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