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Copyright laws prohibit the sale, reproduction, or performance of a work unless the creator provides authorization. Copyright infringement, then, occurs when a person bypasses authorization and proceeds to use another person’s work for his or her own means, whether to reproduce, sell, share, perform, or make a derivative work. Trademark infringement occurs when a person or business duplicates or minutely changes the trademark of another person or business.

Copyright Laws

Many people refer to the reproduction and distribution of electronic and audio-visual media as “piracy,” which is the most common type of infringement in America. Even though piracy may seem innocent, it is actually a serious crime that is accompanied by serious consequences, if convicted. Frequent means of pirating include:

  • Downloading music off of the internet
  • Copying the files from a copyrighted CD or DVD onto a computer
  • Burning downloaded music onto a CD for distribution
  • Downloading software off the internet

Advancements in technology have made copyright infringement a serious problem in 21st century America. At the forefront of piracy are kids and young adults who have grown up with access to extensive free media.

Trademark Laws

Trademarks are logos, names, slogans, or other devices used to market and advance business sales. Infringement occurs when a business copies or slightly alters another business’ trademark in order to capitalize through false advertising or trademark dilution.

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